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Making headway. Now have solid calluses on my fingers.

14 chords memorized:
A, A7, A mi
D, D7, D mi
E, E7, E mi
F, F maj 7

My transitions still need a little work but they’re not too shabby.


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Completed 12.17.05
I had a plan and I was ridiculously prepared. This kid was goin’ places. It all started with a trip to my local Chevy dealer. I was scoping out the new HHR. I sat down with Big Daddy Dave and didn’t hold anything back.

“Law don’t come ’round here. Ya saavy?”

That’s right. I laid it all on the line. Told him what I wanted, what I had for a trade-in, and what I was willing to pay. He did the ol’ nod-your-head-and-raise-your-left-eyebrow thing to show interest, but I wasn’t buying it. He even gave the oh-so-typical, “let me talk to my manager” line. Then came back and said he could give me an extra 500 Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers for my trade-in. This guy was good, no doubt. An absolute professional. Though he did have one minor flaw – he assumed I was some kind of amateur; a rookie car shopper just learning the ropes. Little did he know HE was the one being set up as I was slowly reeling in my line. I knew he would bite, it was just a matter of time.

He had a couple daughters – they attended the school where my wife is a teacher. Excellent. Personal connection made. Advantage: Jason.

“Why don’t you drive it out to the school and see what she thinks about it – it’s just about lunch time.”

“Sounds good,” I say as I continue to carefully reel in my line.

I get to the school, the wife looks at it, comments on it’s small interior, but doesn’t have time to take it on the open road. I get back and Davey Boy waves at me from his office.

“Really like it but can’t commit to it yet. The wife didn’t have time to give it a run. Don’t think she’ll have a problem with it though.”

Slowly now. Keep it steady…he’s nibbling…NOW! A ferocious pull yanked him clean from his chair and with the hook now sunk deep, Big Wave Dave was mine for the taking.

“Just come back in tomorrow morning, bring it home, and let her give it ride.”

With ammunition in my camp I swung into the nearby Saturn dealership before heading back to my dear friend Dave.

“Headin’ over to Chevy to get me an HHR that I’ve got dibs on but thought I’d make a pitstop here to see if you all can make me a better offer.”

I covered all the details and in a matter of minutes he’d matched Crazy Dave’s offer, waved the security deposit, and threw in a $500 Target gift card to boot. I was about to be sittin’ behind the wheel of a new Saturn VUE. A bigger and more expensive vehicle for the same price. Just had to break the bad news to Dave.

Strolled back in to Chevy, Super Dave handed me the keys and I rolled into casa de Rivas just to go through the motions. Drove it back to the lot, threw on my best Academy Award winning role of heartbroken husband and let line after line dance off my tongue.

“She didn’t go for it, man. Said it wasn’t big enough for a family car. Sorry, about all the trouble.”

After going through a laundry list of other alternatives I let him know I’d call if we were interested in looking at something else.

As I was cruising home, weaving in and out of neighborhoods just to see the digital compass in my rearview mirror change directions, I couldn’t help but smile at the amazing stunt I just pulled. Small potatoes for you maybe, but for me, I was a made man.

To this day, Dave still sends me letters. I hope he can find a way to let it go.

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