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It’s been awhile, but a lot has happened since I last wrote. I’ve come a long way with the dining room. It’s turned into a nearly complete, totally functional room. The new ceiling light is installed, though not without complications. I had to cut another hole in the ceiling in order for the light to be centered on the table. That meant I had to patch the old hole. Unfortunately, there was a decorative combed fan pattern on the ceiling which meant that the patched hole would need to match the rest of the ceiling…maybe later. For now it will just be semi-patched. I’ll have to look into getting a professional to match it to the rest of the ceiling.

All of the original wood trim is now scraped, sanded and stained and I installed new shoe molding to match. The walls and ceiling all have fresh coats of paint, I replaced two cracked window panes and installed new handles and latches on all the windows. We purchased a new rug at World Market and hung most of the wall decor.

There is still one section of floor board that needs to be replaced because the wood doesn’t match the rest of the boards (it must have been installed sometime after the others because under the scraped paint was unstained wood – unlike the others). Trying to match the wood is going to be a challenge.

We still need to frame one more piece of artwork, purchase an asian-style buffet table/wine cabinet from World Market, and get some kind of window treatments. I’d like get some dark bamboo blinds, but it’s been hard trying to find ones that will fit our old, non-standard-sized windows. Then there are the bay window drawer fronts. Surprisingly, it’s been incredibly hard to find unfinished, custom-sized drawers or drawer fronts. I’ve gotta keep looking.

If we stay in this house long enough (and I don’t think we will) then I’ll get to adding the dry bar where the small closet is right now.

So although It’s not yet complete, the room still looks incredible and has nearly come full circle.

Update: We purchased the Shanghai wine cabinet from World Market and I installed new bamboo roman shades. Only a few items left on my to-do list!


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I'm getting closer, so close it hurts. I desperately want to finish but I'm sick of scraping paint off the trim and sanding the trim afterwards. Tonight I finished scraping the last major section – the doorframe leading to the kitchen. My hands hurt, I smell bad, and I'm ready to hit the sack. I managed to get the new doorbell installed which I also had to stain to match the trim. It looks great. After I get this trim out of the way I'll be moving on to the window seat drawers – either buying new drawer fronts or replacing the drawers altogether – gotta price out both options.

Putting the [alcoholic] bar in the closet will have to come later, it's not in the budget right now. Can't wait to design it though, it should end up looking very cool.

I'll be posting some dining room photos on Flickr very soon!

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