Looks like this one well get done out of necessity. My current phone hasn’t been able to recharge. I’ve gotta start looking for a way to get a new one without paying full price. I’m off to investigate!

I hope to have a new one lined up by the end of the week. We’ll see…


I'm getting closer, so close it hurts. I desperately want to finish but I'm sick of scraping paint off the trim and sanding the trim afterwards. Tonight I finished scraping the last major section – the doorframe leading to the kitchen. My hands hurt, I smell bad, and I'm ready to hit the sack. I managed to get the new doorbell installed which I also had to stain to match the trim. It looks great. After I get this trim out of the way I'll be moving on to the window seat drawers – either buying new drawer fronts or replacing the drawers altogether – gotta price out both options.

Putting the [alcoholic] bar in the closet will have to come later, it's not in the budget right now. Can't wait to design it though, it should end up looking very cool.

I'll be posting some dining room photos on Flickr very soon!

Looks like this one is progressing rather quickly. After talking with my mom last night on the phone, she's still planning to move out here in June or July. For me it's going to be the test of all tests. There are so many things to think about and plan for – transportation, housing, helping her find a job. But I'm committed to making this happen and I know I can be the catalyst for change that my mom needs.

Teach her to fish and she'll eat for a lifetime, right?

So that's what I plan to do – give her all the tools she needs to be independent and leave the rest up to her. In the beginning she'll be living with Becky, Riley and I, but we plan to have a strict timeline and house rules in place for all of her living and working needs to be met without us driving eachother crazy in the process.

It's gonna be absolutely nuts having her live in the same town as us – and I mean that in a good way. Not since grade school have we even lived in the same state. So after about 10 years our roads are winding back to eachother and for the first time in many years my mom and I will have the chance to share more than just special occasions – we'll get the chance to share everyday life.

What that means exactly is yet to be determined…

Today's lunch was a winner. We had watermelon balls and red grapes, baby carrots, tomato-basil wheat thins with white cheddar cheese slices and a chicken cordon bleu wrap. Pretty well-balanced meal.

Wife says: The wrap was excellent – I wanted another one! Those crackers were tasty and when I got home I had some more. The watermelon was a little flavorless but I still ate it.

Dang melon – I won't be buying that junk again until it's in season. The wrap was pretty tasty – it had a nice honey mustard mayo sauce, some nicely seasoned grilled chicken, a couple slices of very thinly sliced ham and some provolone cheese. I had to agree with her on the crackers – for some reason I just wanted to eat a whole box of them.

Yep, I skipped yesterday because I was sick. Just couldn’t muster the strength to make two lunches. And today I had it easy – I didn’t have to make a lunch for my wife because she had the day off. Cool. So I made my lunch this morning. Here’s the menu: Peanut butter (not the natural stuff, just can’t stomach that no flavor peanut cream – It’s all about Jiff!) and banana sandwich on 12-grain bread (the kind that sometimes tastes like I’m eating bird food, what with all the nuts and whole grains in it), baby carrots with cherry tomatoes, dried cherries, and vanilla yogurt with…get this, I had some cereal in the cabinet that no one was eating (too healthy I think!) so I picked out a bunch of the nut cluster thingies and put them in the yogurt. It only took about 10 minutes to pick enough to taste it. Yes, I’m an idiot.

I Says: Sandwich was nice – even on the bird seed bread, though I do recommend wrapping your sandwiches in some kind of plastic wrap to keep it fresh. I know, that means creating some trash, but I can’t sacrifice everything for the environment. The cherries were excellent, though I don’t like their steep price tag. Finally, the whole cereal nut cluster thing – total disaster. They got all soggy and tasted like soggy bread. No good. Did I mention how much of an idiot I am?

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So here we are – day three of my six month long task. I’ve got a long way to go, but it’s great having a quality lunch to eat everyday. The menu for today includes a delicious Caesar tuna wrap, seedless red grapes, cranberry trail mix, sliced cucumbers and carrot sticks with leftover dill sauce. The tuna filling is just a mixture of albacore tuna, fat-free italian dressing, fat-free garlic croutons and some salt and pepper. Best part: NO mayonnaise! I also packed Chocolate and Pecan Luna bar. Since I make lunch the night before, I was a bit worried the croutons would soak up the dressing and get all mushy.

Wife says: Today’s lunch was really good – I was even telling my students about it! I loved the trail mix and the croutons weren’t really that soggy. I was surprised at how much I liked the Luna bar. It wasn’t as good as a candy bar (was like a rice krispy treat) but good enough to eat all of it.

I figure it’ll take several weeks before I master this lunch box. It does have some limitations – only one container (other than the tiny dip container) has a lid, it’s hard to fit some foods in the well-defined spaces and as I mentioned above, I have to remember that this food will be sitting in the box overnight and half a day before it’s eaten, so I have to prepare and store the food accordingly. As time goes on I’ll probably try to get more creative as well.

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Lunch today was a bit more tasty than yesterday. On the menu: Swiss bagel with mesquite turkey, avocado, and tomato; pear slices; carrot sticks with dill sauce; crackers with sliced gouda. Pretty tasty lunch if you ask me. I decided to wrap the sandwich in plastic wrap to keep it fresh as well as the cheese and crackers – didn’t want the cheese to get hard.

Wife says: I cracked up when I saw how you had to cut the ends off the baby carrots just to get them to fit. I loved the dill sauce and I wanted more carrots to dip in the sauce! Next time don’t wrap the cheese with the crackers, they got a little soggy. Overall, a pretty good meal.

I’m not used to preparing a meal so that it meets certain dimensions and that’s what you pretty much have to do with this box. I’ll get better as time goes on.

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